8 Contoh Teks Berita Singkat 2018 (5W+1H)

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hari ini admin akan memberikan contoh teks berita singkat terkini yang akan di bahas dalam pertemuan kali ini. Contoh teks berita terbaru ini akan disajikan dalam bahasa inggris 2018 beserta dengan terjemahnya.

Contoh Teks Berita Singkat Terkini dan Terbaru Bahasa inggris 2017

Pengertian Teks Berita

News item text adalah suatu teks yang menginformasikan pembaca tentang peristiwa/kejadian sehari-hari yang layak diberitakan atau penting. Newsworthy yang berati layak untuk diberitakan, jadi tidak semua kejadian/peristiwa bisa diberitakan. Hanya kejadian atau peristiwa penting saja yang layak diberitakan. Jika peristiwa/kejadian itu tidak penting maka tidak layak untuk diberitakan dan diketahui banyak orang.

Contoh  Teks Berita

Contoh teks berita singkat terbaru 2018tentang pendidikan, banjir sekolah, narkoba, dan stukturnya.

Contoh 1

contoh pertama merupakan contoh teks berita tentang pendidikan yang berada di sekolahan.
English Learning Reinvented: When English Becomes A Lifestyle
JAKARTA – Wall Street English is transforming a business model that combines lifestyle with the best methods in the world of education and is internationally recognized.
Wall Street English Indonesia designed the method specifically for Indonesians who love to socialize and become part of a community. “In addition, we change in the programs we have when members will no longer feel limited by time and place,” said Kish Gill, President Director of WSE, Thursday (3/8/2017).
These changes give the members the freedom to learn as much as they want, to give members the opportunity to follow interesting activities in our community with membership-based programs. “Blended Learning Method” and Flipped Classroom are the most widely recognized methods of language learning compared to traditional learning methods, “he said.

Contoh 2

contoh kedua merupakan contoh teks berita tentang banjir.
News.com – Widespread flooding inundated Jakarta, Indonesia, Sunday night through Monday night, and more storms this week threaten to worsen the situation.
Flooding quickly ensued Sunday night through Monday night in Jakarta as persistent rain and thunderstorms unleashed 300 to 450 mm (12 to 18 inches) of rainfall. On Tuesday, nearly 6,000 people were evacuated from parts of Jakarta.
Runoff from the rain flooded dozens of roads and severely affected public transportation.
The TransJakarta busway was forced to halt operations on half of its corridors Monday morning, while train services were disrupted.
Flood waters reached up to 60 cm around the Presidential Palace and the National Monument and brought a rapid rise on the Ciliwung River.

Contoh 3

Contoh ketiga merupakan contoh teks berita mengenai maraknya narkoba di indonesia.
Jakarta – Narcotics Police Unit of West Jakarta uncovered methamphetamine home industry in an internet cafe at Jalan Jelambar Utama, Grogol Petamburan. From the results of such disclosure, four people were arrested.
According to Narcotics Police of West Jakarta, AKBP Afrisal, the four actors are Maulana (26), Irsha Octavianto (33), Basman (36) which is the methamphetamine maker and a woman named Dewi Sumarni (32) who works as a production supervisor. From the catching, they managed to secure 20 grams of methamphetamine and chemical fluids to mix.
“The arrest of the four came from the arrest of the suspect Maulana in the Kalideres and confiscated two packs of shabu. After that, from the recognition of Maulana police arrested the suspect Irsha with evidence of the use of methamphetamine in Kresek Indah Residence, Kalideres,” said Afrisal to the reporters on Friday (20/11/2015).
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