18 Contoh News Item Text Singkat 2018 beserta Strukturnya 2018 (tentang kebakaran, bencana alam, pendidikan, banjir, politik, dan ujian nasional.)

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Minna kali ini admin akan memberikan contoh news item text beserta struktunya. New item ini ada dalam bahasa inggris panjang maupun pendek beserta soalnya. Adapun contoh news item text tentang kebakaran, bencana alam, pendidikan, banjir, politik, dan ujian nasional.

18 Contoh News Item Text Singkat 2018 beserta Strukturnya 2018 (tentang kebakaran, bencana alam, pendidikan, banjir, politik, dan ujian nasional.)

Contoh News Item Text Singkat 2018

berikut adalah contoh text news item perhatikan sebagai berikut.

Contoh 1

contoh pertama merupakan contoh news item text tentang kebakaran beserta artinya.
Contoh Berita Bahasa Inggris Tentang Kebakaran dan Artinya
An electrical short circuit caused the fire of 13 houses in South Jakarta.
Predicted that the fire originated from a house abandoned by its owners while all the lights were kept turned on. The fire happened around 04:30 AM.
A resident who would go to Masjid to take a Subuh prayer saw the fire had been enlarged at home of Tony, the owner. He then quickly knocked and woke the homeowners who lived surround that fired house and then equally put out the fire.
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Fortunately, 30 minutes later the fire department came and helped them putting out the fire.
“Initially, we were difficult to call the fire department but we were very grateful that they came 30 minutes after the fire broke out. We quickly put out the fire so that the houses around were not on fire. “, Said Sapri, South Jakarta resident.
There were no people died in this accident and material losses estimated about 300 million rupiah.
Korsleting listrik merupakan penyebab kebakaran terhadap 13 rumah di Jakarta Utara.
Kebakaran ini diprediksi bermula dari sebuah rumah yang ditinggal oleh pemiliknya dan semua lampu yang ada di rumah tersebut terus dinyalakan. Kebakaran teradi sekitar pukul 05.00 AM.
Seorang warga yang akan berangkat ke masid untuk menunaikan solat subuh melihat api yang sudah membesar di rumah pak Tony. Ia kemudian dengan cepat mengetuk dan membangunkan pemilik rumah yang ada di sekeliling rumah tersebut dan kemudian sama-sama memadamkan api.
Beruntungnya, 30 menit kemudian pemadam kebakaran datang dan membantu warga memadamkan api.
“Awalnya, kami sulit menghubungi pemadam kebakaran tetapi kami sangat bersyukur bahwa mereka datang 30 menit setelah kebakaran terjadi. Kami dengan cepat memadamkan api sehingga rumah yang ada di sekelilingnya tidak terbakar.”, ujar Sapri, warga Jakarta Selatan.

Contoh 2

contoh kedua merupakan contoh news item text tentang politik mengenai abu rizal bakri.
Court Honors Aburizal’s Claim to Golkar Leadership
JakartaNews.com-Jakarta-  A Jakarta court has issued the latest in a litany of verdicts to address the leadership dispute within the Golkar Party, Indonesia’s oldest political party, with the defeated camp vowing to continue its legal battle to win the bitter feud.
The Jakarta State Administrative Court, or PTUN Jakarta, on Monday ruled in favor of the camp supporting tycoon Aburizal Bakrie, who was re-elected for a second term as chairman during a party congress held in Bali in December last year.
Aburizal’s camp had filed a lawsuit against a decree issued by Justice Minister Yasonna Laoly that officially acknowledged the leadership of Aburizal’s rival, Agung Laksono, in the party.
Agung was elected the chairman of Golkar during a rival congress in Ancol, North Jakarta, staged just days after the Bali meeting.
The panel of judges abolished the ministerial decree, with the chief judge, Teguh Satya Bhakti, saying the minister had no authority to interfere in an internal party dispute.
Aburizal’s camp has accused the minister of issuing the decree in favor of Agung because of the latter’s close relationship to the ruling party, the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P), of which President Joko Widodo is a member.
Aburizal’s camp, meanwhile, is a staunch supporter of the opposition bloc, the Red-White Coalition, which supported former Army general Prabowo Subianto in the presidential election last year.
“To prevent a vacant leadership in the central executive board of Golkar, as a result of the abolished [ministerial decree], [we decide] the result of the national congress in Pekanbaru to be the one in effect,” said another member of the panel of judges, Subur.
He was referring to Golkar’s congress in 2009 that saw the election of Aburizal as chairman for his first five-year term, with Idrus Marham as the party’s secretary-general.

Contoh Ketiga 

contoh 3 adalah contoh news item text singkat tentang bencana alam 
A grandmother and 5 Years-old Boy Died Because of Landslide 
Berita.com, Kebumen: Family of grandma Sutiyem cried when she was removed from the heap of soil that befell her body by SAR team. The landslides often occurred in Krakal Vilage, Kebumen, Central Java. But this time the damage caused quite worse.
As reported by Evening News IndoTV, Tuesday (11/25/2014), heavy rains that occurred on Monday night, 24 November eroded soil and caused landslides that pile up 6 houses. A grandmother became victims of the disaster. She could not save herself because she was asleep when the landslide came.
“It happened so fast. Even I could not save anything,” said one of the victims whose home was buried in the ground.
Meanwhile in Cililin region, West Bandung, West Java, A number of houses collapsed due to heavy rains that eroded settlements’ soil there. This incident caused a 5 year-old boy died buried under the ruins of the house. While his father suffered serious injuries and had to receive treatment in Cililin hospitals.
Landslides also occurred in the District of Coastal Tassel, Pekan Baru, Riau. It caused a school building collapsed due to buried in the ground. This incident made the schools was forced to dismiss the learning activity until conditions getting better. Besides landslides, thousands of homes were flooded due to overflowing of Siak River. Fortunately, there were no fatalities in this incident. (AN / Sun)
Seorang Nenek dan Bocah 5 Tahun Meninggal Akibat Longsor
Berita.com, Kebumen – Keluarga Nenek Sutiyem menangis ketika jenazahnya berhasil dikeluarkan dari timbunan tanah yang menimpanya oleh team SAR. Bencana longsor memang sering terjadi di Desa Krakal, Kebumen, Jawa Tengah. Namun kali ini Kerusakan yang ditimbulkan cukup parah.
Seperti yang diberitakan oleh Berita 6 Petang IndoTV, Selasa (25/11/2014), hujan deras yang terjadi pada hari Senin malam 24 November menggerus tanah dan mengakibatkan longsor yang menimbun 6 rumah warga. Seorang nenek  menjadi korban dari bencana itu. Dia tidak sempat menyelamatkan diri karena sedang tertidur pada saat longsor terjadi.
“Peristiwa itu terjadi begitu cepat. Bahkan saya tidak sempat menyelamatkan barang-barang,” ujar salah satu korban yang rumahnya tertimbun tanah.
Sementara itu di kawasan Cililin, Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat, Sejumlah rumah ambruk karena hujan deras yang mengikis tanah pemukiman itu. Kejadian ini mengakibatkan seorang bocah 5 tahun tewas tertimbun reruntuhan rumah, sedangkan ayahnya mengalami luka yang serius dan harus menjalani perawatan di RSUD Cililin.
Bencana longsor juga terjadi di Kecamatan Rumbai Pesisir, PekanBaru, Riau. Longsor tersebut menyebabkan sebuah gedung sekolah runtuh akibat tertimbun tanah. Kejadian ini membuat pihak sekolah terpaksa meliburkan murid-muridnya sampai kondisi mulai membaik. Selain longsor, ribuan rumah terendam banjir akibat luapan Sungai Siak. Beruntung tidak ada korban jiwa dalam kejadian ini. (AN/Sun)

Contoh 4

Contoh keempat merupakan contoh news item singkat tentang Pendidikan
News item is a text which is written to show what happened around us. The news must be a “newsworthy”. It should not just common events which happen daily. Readers want to know unique or odd events.
News item is written based on certain schematic structure. It consists of newsworthy event, background events, and source of the event. The arrangement of paragraph is called as generic structure.
We have several examples of news item text and this one is the newest sample in 2014. For more information on what this kid of text types, read what is news item. Here we go!
News Item: Students Arrested for Doing Pepper Spraying
 contoh news item text bahasa Inggris beserta arti dan generic structurenya
Contoh news item text – pepper spraying
For about 100 students at a suburban Atlanta high school were evacuated on Wednesday morning after a material was released in a school hallway.
It noticed that something was causing teachers and students to cough during a class change Wednesday morning. It started around 10:15 a.m. when students and teachers in the school’s Banks building began complaining of itchy eyes and noses. Some of them couldn’t breathe or see.
The building was evacuated and custodians installed fans to clear the air. Firefighters needed an hour to clear the building  before classes resumed a short time later.
Security cameras inside the school caught the students spraying pepper spray inside a downstairs hallway in the lower section of the building. Police said that it was the result of a prank.
Three students were arrested on Wednesday afternoon and charged with pepper spraying.  the students would face a tribunal through the Board of Education and that any punishment by the school system would be determined, the school official said.
Adakah yang masih belom memahami arti dari contoh teks news item diatas? Bagi yang belum memahami arti dan maksud potongan berita bahasa Inggris diatas, berikut disajikan terjemah bebasnya.

Terjemaha Contoh News Item Text Bahasa Inggris

Beberapa Siswa Ditangkap Karena Melakukan Penyemprotan Merica
Sekitar 100 siswa di sebuah sekolah tinggi di pinggiran kota Atlanta dievakuasi pada Rabu pagi setelah materi tertentu disemprotkan di lorong sekolah tersebut .
Saat itu nampak bhwa ada sesuatu yang menyebabkan para guru dan siswa mengalami batuk selama pergantian jam pelajaran pada Rabu pagi . Gejala itu dimulai sekitar pukul 10:15 ketika para siswa dan guru di bagian gedung sekolah mulai mengeluh gatal-gatal pada mata dan hidung . Beberapa dari mereka tidak bisa bernapas atau melihat.
Bangunan itu dievakuasi dan pemelihara gedung memasang kipas angin untuk membersihkan udara . Petugas pemadam kebakaran membutuhkan waktu sekita satu jam untuk membersihkan gedung sebelum pelajaran kembali dimulai beberapa waktu kemudian .
Kamera keamanan di dalam sekolah menunjukkan beberapa siswa melakukan penyemprotan merica di dalam lorong bagian bawah bangunan sekolah tersebut . Polisi mengatakan bahwa penyemprotan merica itu adalah sebuah aksi jahil.
Tiga siswa ditangkap pada Rabu sore dan didakwa dengan penyemprotan merica tersebut . Pejabat sekolah mengatakan mereka akan menghadapi pengadilan melalui Dewan Pendidikan dan hukuman akan ditentukan oleh peraturan sekolah.
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